Bakalian Bakelab

Today, after dominating the local market as the number one producers of flour for Arabic bread, Bakalian Flour Mills is launching Bakelab, a research facility enabling customers to achieve optimal results for baking international breads using locally milled flour. Celebrating 100 years of dedication and innovation in the region, Bakelab continues the Bakalian spirit of environmental responsibility, customer-centric creativity and an unwavering aim to raise the quality of local products.

Bakelab will be a hub for professional exchange, hosting technical trainings, workshops and masterclasses with local and international experts. Additionally, Bakelab hosts the most experimental and advanced R&D lab in the country, catering to new research and development for inventive local flour applications. 

Bakelab aims to invest in a new generation of bakers to pioneer Lebanon’s and the region’s baking and culinary future. The accumulated expertise is Bakalian’s long-term commitment to spearhead innovation in the milling and baking industries, as well as a channel to share the expertise of Bakalian with customers, building greater knowledge and stronger ties within the professional community.