Bakelab welcomes bakers of all skill levels with classes that spread into three categories: the courses, the workshops and the boosters.


Our courses give you the opportunity to master the art and science behind bread. In these hands-on and also theoretical classes, we aim to help you improve your baking expertise and your scientific understanding. We recommend them to the ones who are interested in expanding their knowledge about precision in the baking process. 


Join one of our workshops where you will learn how to work with different types of doughs and a variety of flavors – from fresh raviolis to focaccias and dumplings. You will learn how to read and understand your dough and use key ingredients from scratch and, most importantly, have fun while preparing and tasting them!


Looking to elevate your baking game? 

Our Booster classes are the solution. Learn hands-on techniques from our expert chefs and solidify your skills from previous courses. To fully benefit from boosters, we highly recommend taking our Bread Science 101 course for a strong foundation in baking knowledge.